Yes, Your Small Business Is A Target For Cybercriminals

No business is shielded against a potential cyber security attack. Any business that stores or maintains personal data is at risk — there is no exception. Unfortunately, some small business owners think that because of their small size, they're somehow off the radar of cyber criminals, but you should not make this mistake. If anything, small businesses are sometimes a prime target.

Industry Vulnerability

The main goal of cyber criminals is generally to gain information for financial use. For this reason, it would seem that attacking a bank, or another financial institution would be the go-to option for this group. However, don't ever underestimate the financial value of the data you store. 

Take a small cleaning company, for instance. If the company offers service packages or contracts, they're likely to have the name, address, and payment information of their clients on file. For a criminal, this information is more than enough to steal the data and make changes to the person's account. There are no industries that are more at risk than others, everyone can be a target. 

Software Protection

There are plenty of malware and virus protection software systems available to business owners, and the reality is that many of these programs are awesome. However, even the best of these programs has limits. Remember, not every cyber attack involves a hacker using a virus or malware intrusion technique to gain access to your system. 

Phishing attacks, password intrusion, and SQL injection attacks are just some of the methods cyber criminals use. What's important to remember is that these methods don't necessarily require the use of a virus, so these software programs would not be able to protect you if your business faced any of these scenarios. 

In-House Attacks

One idea that keeps small businesses especially vulnerable is the belief that cyber-attacks are always generated by someone thousands of miles away. You can have a cyber criminal on your payroll and not even know it. Unfortunately, some people gain employment with a company with the sole purpose of using their position as a way to steal information and some employees become disgruntled and seek revenge. 

These people can easily steal information or cause other harm to your system, which will leave it more susceptible to attacks. It's critical that small businesses take measures that protect them from both outside and inside intrusion. 

If you own a small business, don't leave yourself unprotected. Take immediate action to strengthen your cyber security practices.