Why You Need A Server Jack Or Lift For Your Networking Room Or Data Center

If you are in charge of managing a networking room or data center with a ton of active servers and networks, you may struggle at times to move additional hardware into place, especially as your company expands. This is where a server jack or lift could prove quite helpful. A server jack carefully moves your networking hardware into place while being sure to be gentle to all sensitive components involved. Here are three other ways a server jack or lift can benefit you and your company.

It's Safer Than Installing By Hand

Without the right server lift, you will be left climbing a ladder to try and put the server or networking hardware into place. Climbing a ladder while holding expensive hardware is not good for anyone involved. You'll likely be self-conscious about dropping the hardware and that could lead you to lose your balance and suffer a fall. If you do actually fall, you might be looking at hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the drain if serious damage is sustained to the server.

It's More Efficient

A server jack or lift can be stacked with multiple servers at once. You can then carefully position server after server into place without straining your back. It's quite simply a much more efficient way of doing business. You'll be able to get multiple servers into place at the same time instead of doing just one at a time by hand. This will free you up to focus on other activities like your daily maintenance tasks.

Avoid Worker's Comp or Personal Injury Claims

If you are the business owner, you of course want to do what you can to keep your employees safe while on the job and we've already discussed how a server lift or jack can make that happen. But a safe work environment that helps prevent workplace injuries will also be helping you to avoid a costly personal injury or worker's compensation claim if someone is indeed injured while trying to install your networking hardware. Furthermore, If an employee is injured installing a server but did not use the server jack, you may be able to say that the employee did not follow proper protocol and you are therefore not responsible for their injury.

If your network or data center is growing, it might be time to give your employees some additional assistance with all of those servers. A server jack or lift can make the installation of new hardware a breeze. Contact a server jack supplier, like Rack Lift, for more information