5 Computer Services You Should Have Done In The Summer

During the summer, our schedules are vastly different, weather changes, and the way we use a computer or laptop changes as well. Instead of riding out the summer and taking risks, there are multiple preventative computer repair services that can be completed on the devices. The following five services will help keep your computer protected during heat waves and the regular hazards of summer.

Computer Cleaning

A professional cleaning of your desktop or laptop can go a long way in extending the performance and life of a device. Repair specialists will use a number of techniques to clean all types of problems with the computers.

  • Dust & Debris: Parts, fans, and cases will be completely eliminated of dust and dirt. Not only will this prevent computer temperatures from rising, but it will prevent the attraction of small insects inside a case like a desktop.
  • Laptop Cleaning: The cleaning of a laptop is a delicate process, but it will help remove natural elements that may have gotten inside. This includes grass from a park or sand from the beach. These small items can easily cause damage to important parts like the hard drive or motherboard.

Power Upgrades

The summer season is known for a lot of storms and the blasts of lightning or wind can cause power surges in your home. One surge can completely short out a computer and delete all of your data.

Along with plugging a computer into a surge protector, a repair specialist can upgrade the power supply. A new power supply can feature additional surge protection, along with extra fans to help keep the computer cooled down.

Computer Back Up

Keeping a running computer cooled during hot summer days can be a challenge. If your hard drive overheats, you have the potential to lose valuable data. The best way to protect your data is by conducting a back up service with a trained technician. When you set up a back up service appointment, all of your data will be stored on an external hard drive or through a cloud computing system.

A repair technician can even set up an automatic back system for your computer. This means that at a scheduled time, your computer will automatically back up files to your personal cloud website.

Sunlight Protection & Privacy

During the summer, you will likely be more inclined to enjoy a laptop at a park or outdoors. Multiple computer services can help protect your privacy and allow you to see the screen better in harsh sunlight.

  • Sun Shades: Physical shades can be placed around the edges of the computer monitor. This helps block out the glare and direct sunlight.
  • Privacy Screens: Use your laptop safely by having a privacy screen shown. With the screen, no one can look over and see your laptop from other angles. This allows you to complete work in public places.
  • Laptop Tents: Do not let sunlight or a random rain shower interrupt your laptop use. A professional technician can fit and install a laptop tent onto your device. This device allows you to easily type and see the screen while still getting protection from natural elements.

Operating System Upgrades

The summer is the perfect time to complete all of your computer software upgrades. Not only will this enhance the security of your device, but it gives you plenty of time to adjust to the new system before a busy autumn season arrives. Not only can you get used to the new operating system, but you will have the ability to install new productivity apps, document processing software, and any school-based applications that are used.

April and May are two of the best months to prepare for these services. Without proper computer protection, it could be a long summer of technology problems.