5 Spy Cameras Ideal For Restaurants

Owning a restaurant involves a lot of budgeting, a constant rotation of customers, and employees that you should trust. Adding extra security for your restaurant is essential in keeping it protected from theft, vandalism, and other activities.

Along with the range that a traditional commercial security system gives you, your restaurant can achieve additional camera views and footage with a variety of spy cameras. The following five cameras are designed to look like ordinary objects that you would find in a restaurant.

Cups & Mugs

Serving drinks is a key part to every restaurant, but the same beverage holders can also be used to capture surveillance footage in the business. A variety of designs are available.

  • Travel Mugs: An insulated travel mug spy camera features plenty of space to store an HD camera and a full DVR for viewing footage later. The travel mugs come blank, but your business decal can easily be placed on the mug so that it blends into the restaurant a lot easier.
  • Coffee Mugs: A coffee mug design is ideal for displaying on shelves scattered across a restaurant. It can offer views of corners, back entrances, or cooking areas of the restaurant.

Coffee Pot Spy Camera

Along with cups, you can feature a more stable spy camera on the counters of your restaurant. These designs actually use working coffee elements, making it even easier to hide the camera from unsuspecting thieves.

This type of spy camera is ideal to place near the cash register of your business. The footage is stored directly on an SD card and footage can be viewed in a number of different devices.

Wall Clocks

An easy way to capture overhead views of your restaurant is with a wall clock spy camera. When choosing your spy camera, there are two options. The first is a built-in DVR that can record footage directly to an SD card or another media card.

The second option is a wired spy camera. The clock is wired through the wall to send a video feed directly to a computer or DVR. With this set-up, you have the ability to view live footage from the privacy of your own office.

This type of wiring can also go in conjunction with a full security system that you have running with your business. When your security system is installed, inquire about pairing the system with your spy camera to make things run as smooth as possible.

Spy Camera Water Bottle

A good way to keep your personal restaurant office protected is with an inconspicuous spy camera. One of the best designs to choose from is a spy camera water bottle.

Instead of being filled with water, the base is actually a solid plastic designs to look like water. The wrapper on the water bottle conceals the camera hidden on the inside. By placing on a shelf, you can capture a clear view of our private office.

Picture Frame Spy Camera

Turn a classic restaurant tradition into a great way for recording happenings inside the business. With a picture frame spy camera, you have the ability to display your first dollars earned at the restaurant while using the frame of the camera to record footage.

A number of frame designs are available to match the decor and design of your restaurant. The back of the frame is used to store footage, batteries, and all the wiring for the lens. Models are available in both color and black and white. The camera that you choose will depend on the budget of your restaurant.

Take your time when choosing an ideal spy camera. This will help you choose the best camera for your needs, protection, and views.